About Keith Rollenhagen

In sharp contrast to many of today's mass-produced residential designs, each of Keith Rollenhagen's projects represents a unique collaboration with the homeowners to achieve an end result that is both beautiful in design and execution, and specially adapted to the needs of the people who will be living in the space every day.

One important aspect of Keith's work has been his restorations of older homes. Keith estimates that he worked to restore and remodel 16 or 17 homes in Sherman Hill in the 1980's. In addition, he was actively involved in Ames' effort to create a historic district to protect and preserve its older homes.

The design aesthetic of his non-historic restoration works tends to be much sleeker and more modern. The common thread among all of his designs is the emphasis on seeking the elegant solution. For remodeling projects, he focuses on a solution that fits with the rest of the home and at the same time enhances its character. For new home design, he carefully assesses the lot and surrounding structures to ensure that the home will maximize both views and privacy and feel comfortably nestled in its surroundings. In this way, each project becomes its own, unified, standalone work of art.

Keith Rollenhagen received his architecture degree from Iowa State University in 1972. 

"My name is Marty Gross. In 1972 my husband Ralph and I purchased a dilapidated Victorian home. For many years we worked on restoring it ourselves; however, we never came close to returning it to its former glory.

In 2006 we decided to make one last attempt, for which we needed someone who shared our vision and had the design skills to transform it. We had known Keith Rollenhagen for many years, and were convinced that only Keith had the necessary sensitivity to older homes, an intimate knowledge of construction techniques and the architectural imagination to bring the old and new together.

The most difficult of the tasks was the design of a modern kitchen and two bathrooms. For the kitchen our only stipulations were to keep the original woodwork visible and create an island that was not rectilinear but also make it modern and convenient. Beyond that we trusted fully in Keith’s abilities and we were not disappointed. The designs delivered are beautiful, unique and show his creativity in problem-solving. While visitors to the house are delighted by its beauty and the many Victorian details, they rave about the kitchen and baths. I cannot recommend highly enough Keith’s many talents, ingenuity and integrity."

Marty Gross, Des Moines